What times ma I visit my loved one?

Our visiting hours are “open” as we believe socialization is a vital part of life. We encourage you to call ahead to inquire if those you wish to visit are able to have guests, especially if you are traveling a distance.

Does my loved one need to travel far to see a doctor?

Residents do not have to leave the facility to see a physician as we offer 3 different physician practices that come to our facility for rounds.

Will my loved one have the opportunity to be involved in the facility activities?

Absolutely! Our monthly calendar lists all the scheduled group activities although many of our residents will develop some of the their own “individual activities” such as adult coloring, word puzzles, one-on-one visiting, card games and TV viewing. Each resident has the right to chose what activity they would like to participate in. Some days the activity staff will offer an unscheduled “surprise” activity for the day which everyone shall also be invited to attend.

How are my loved one's medications monitored?

We have a licensed pharmacist review every resident’s medication list, lab results and resident condition to help minimize exposure to unwanted negative medication interactions.

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