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Brunswick, MO

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We are dedicated to providing a clean, safe, home-like environment and a feeling of security that is necessary to maintain Resident well-being. Our employees will be provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude that they are expected to provide to every Resident.

We are a skilled nursing and rehab facility.

Dementia Care

Our nurses work with the client's family to create a comfortable environment including simple routines and visual cues as a positive substitute for diminishing mental processes.

Diabetes Management

Our experienced nurses provide help with all aspects of managing diabetes including: blood glucose monitoring, insulin administration and tracking, exercise plan, menu planning, education and more.

Restorative Nursing Program

At Brunswick Nursing and Rehab we seek to maximize the quality of life for our long-term care population who require a specialized restorative program.

Brunswick Nursing and Rehab | element PHYSICAL THERAPY Therapy that
transforms lives.
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Brunswick Nursing and Rehab | element OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Focus on maximizing
your independence.
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Brunswick Nursing and Rehab | element SPEECH + LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY Improve communication
and swallowing skills.
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Activities +
Social Services

A positive and uplifting atmosphere can set the tone for a resident's stay. Brunswick Nursing and Rehab employs outgoing and friendly professional staff to create social programs and activities. They often specialized activities to match the capabilities and needs of each resident. This also has a powerful impact in the healing process.

Facility Checklist

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